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For students serious about learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, we would like to invite you to our school for a complimentary visit and demonstration of our system. The presentation should last about 30 minutes. A certified instructor will explain the Wing Chun Kung Fu System, our history, what to expect while training at our school, and what Wing Chun Kung Fu can do for you. Prospect students who are interested after the presentation will have the chance to join.

Jupiter Wing Chun is not a commercial school. We pride ourselves in teaching the system the correct way from Sifu to student, unchanged by our own ideas.

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"The purpose of Ving-Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu is to lead you to be free and relaxed. This can never be achieved if you are tied physically and emotionally to techniques. you must free yourself from dependence of mechanical expression and trust your body, your Kung-Fu to protect yourself."  

- Patriarch Moy Yat


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