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Since we opened, the Moy Yee Hop Ving Tsun Kung Fu Family has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in improving their lives. Known as one of the only schools in the Treasure Coast area to teach Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, we provide group and private classes to support students from all backgrounds and levels.


What is Ving Tsun    Kung Fu

Ving Tsun (also known as Wing Chun) Kung Fu is a concept based martial art designed to develop sensitivity, internal power, balance , structure, hand and feet coordination, and an immediate response in case of an emergency. The system is easy to learn and you do not have to be in perfect physical shape or very young to be an effective and talented practitioner. You are never too old to learn Wing Chun, you will age faster if you do not practice

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Benefits of Learning  Ving Tsun

  • Effective Self Defense

  • Increased Relaxation

  • Reduced Stress

  • Physical and Mental Health,

  • Daily Cultivation of the Self,

  • Better Coordination,

  • Build Internal Energy and Wellness,

  • Improved Speed and Power,

  • Build Confidence

  • and many more...


Learn about Kung Fu Life

Kung Fu Life consist of taking principles you learn in class and applying them to everyday situations. It is a way to absorb the teaching of the Wing Chun system and putting its concepts into everyday use.



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Richard B. 
Jupiter, Florida

"If your interested in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, you can do no better than to join the Jupiter school of Palm Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu where you will get expert instruction, the dedication of a man who truly loves the art, and the backing of a wonderful team of Sifu's and students who have been taught only the best of what Wing Chun has too offer.
For readers thinking about joining the club don't hesitate to join in. You will learn new skills, meet new friends, and acquire a quite confidence that only those already in training can truly understand. I highly recommend the Jupiter chapter of Palm Beach Wing Chun."

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Night Classes

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Saturday Classes

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Private Classes

"Wing Chun teaches you to respond to an attack with a counter attack that is not only spontaneous and immediate, but the most appropriate, therefore the most effective."     -Patriarch Moy Yat

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